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PhD student

Miguel Garcia

I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon and I am also a junior researcher at LaSIGE research group. My adivsors are Professor Alysson Bessani and Professor Nuno Neves. My mains research interests are Intrusion-tolerance, Diversity and Rejuvenations. I am also interested in topics such as Advanced Persistent Threats, DDoS attacks, Privacy concerns and Smart-grids security. In 2011 I have finished my M.Sc on Diversity Management in Intrusion Tolerant Systems, advised by Professor Alysson Bessani and Professor Nuno Neves. My thesis' contribution was a study on operating system vulnerabilities that showed that there is empirical evidence supporting the idea that the use of different operating systems on a replicated system makes the system more resilient. In 2008, while finishing my bachelor, I became a junior member of LaSIGE. I have contributed to FOREVER, advised by Professor Paulo Sousa and Professor Alysson Bessani. I have implemented a replicated system using virtualization (Xen Hypervisor) with different operating systems, and also a proactive recovery mechanism to replace the virtual machines with differente operating systems.



Current projects

  • SEGRID (Security for smart Electricity GRIDs)
  • SUPERCLOUD (User-Centric Management of Security and Dependability in Clouds of Clouds)

Past projects

  • DIVERSE (Diversity for Intrusion-Tolerant Systems)


  • Miguel Garcia, Alysson Bessani, Ilir Gashi, Nuno Ferreira Neves, Rafael R. Obelheiro, “OS Diversity for Intrusion Tolerance: Myth or Reality?”, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks - DSN'11. Hong Kong, China, June 2011., Jun. 2011.


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