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Past member
Miguel Correia is no longer with the Navigators.



Past projects

  • REGENESYS (Regeneration of Replicated Systems)
  • DIVERSE (Diversity for Intrusion-Tolerant Systems)
  • FTH-Grid (Fault-Tolerant Hierarchical Grid Scheduling)
  • CRUTIAL (CRitical UTility InfrastructurAL resilience)
  • RESIST NoE (Resilience for Survivability in IST (Network of Excellence))
  • AJECT (Attack Injection on Software Components)
  • RITAS (Randomized Intrusion Tolerance for Asynchronous Systems)
  • COPE (Secure and Reliable Parallel Processing)
  • DEFEATS (Distributed Fault and Attack Tolerant Systems Configuration)
  • MAFTIA (Malicious- and Accidental-Fault Tolerance for Internet Applications)

Student supervision



  • Alysson Bessani, Nuno Ferreira Neves, Paulo Verissimo, Wagner Saback Dantas, Alexandre Fonseca, Rui Silva, Pedro Luz, Miguel Correia, “JITeR: Just-In-Time Application-Layer Routing”, Computer Networks, vol. 104, pp. 122–136, Jul. 2016.

  • Alysson Bessani, Ricardo Mendes, Tiago Oliveira, Nuno Ferreira Neves, Miguel Correia, Marcelo Pasin, Paulo Verissimo, “SCFS: A Shared Cloud-backed File System”, in Proceedings of the 2014 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX-ATC), Philadelphia, PA, US, Jun. 2014.

  • Ibéria Medeiros, Nuno Ferreira Neves, Miguel Correia, “Web Application Protection with the WAP Tool”, in Fast Abstract at the 44th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN), Atlanta, USA, Jun. 2014.

  • Giuliana Santos Veronese, Miguel Correia, Alysson Bessani, Lau Cheuk Lung, Paulo Verissimo, “Efficient Byzantine Fault-Tolerance”, IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 62, no. 1, pp. 16–30, Jan. 2013.

  • Luciana Arantes, Jonathan Lejeune, Madeleine Piffaretti, Olivier Marin, Pierre Sens, Julien Sopena, Alysson Bessani, Vinicius Vielmo Cogo, Miguel Correia, Pedro Costa, Marcelo Pasin, Fabricio Silva, “Étude d'une architecture MapReduce tolérant les fautes byzantines”, in the 20éme Rencontres francophones du parallélisme (RENPAR'11), Saint Malo, FR, May 2011.

More publications


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